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About JBH-Biotech

JBH Biotech is a high-tech company focus on the research, production and marketing of probiotic products, established in 2013 with initial investment over USD 40 million, manufacturing site occupies totally 53,300 m². JBH has become the most professional and the largest producer of Clostridium Butyricum in China with annual sales over USD 800 million.

As a science-based probiotic producer, JBH continuous invests heavily in R&D to deliver innovative and system solutions that nourish, protect, and improve human and animal health in global markets by connecting unique competences in life science and biological science. JBH is driving economic prosperity, environmental progress and social responsibilities to create sustainable value. JBH has been cooperating with many universities and national research institutes in food/feed safety and animal health projects.

JBH Biotech is dedicating to drive positive changes through probiotic solutions and create value for clients by providing best quality products and excellent services with principles of ethics, social responsibility and sustainability.



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