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Aqua Combo

Clostridium butyricum , Lactobacillus, Bacillus Oxysporum, organic acids, enzymes, polypeptides
Product description:


  • Clostridium Butyricum 5×108CFU/g (Restore intestinal epithelial cells, protect intestine etc.)

  • Compound Lactobacillus 2×109CFU/g (Produce acid, reduce PH etc.)

  • Compound Bacillus 2×1010 CFU/g (Inhibit pathogenic bacteria, promote digestion etc.)

  • Unique Prebiotics for aquatic species (Promote the combined effects of probiotics)

Product function:

  • 1: Effectively prevent and reduce enteritis,White Feces Disease (WFD), Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS), empty stomach, empty gut and other intestinal diseases of aquatic animals, reduce morbidity, improve overall health: Clostridium Butyricum (C.B), compound Lactobacillus, and compound Bacillus synergies to achieve better and more comprehensive effects on promoting the growth of good bacteria and inhibiting harmful bacteria, balancing the intestinal microflora, improve and maintain gut health of aquatic animals, effectively prevent and reduce gut diseases caused by bacteria infection, poor water quality or feed problem etc. Improve overall health of aquatic animals.
  • 2: Repair intestinal damage, inhibit pathogenic bacteria
  • 3: Improve FCR, reduce empty stomach and gut
  • 4: Improve immunity and inhibit inflammation
  • 5: Protect liver, stabilize the herd, anti-stress
  • 6: Improve & Stabilize water quality
  • 7: Improve appetite of aquatic species

Product unique features:

  • 1: AQUA COMBO contents directional breeding high quality patented Clostridium Butyricum strain (JBH-BD1 CCTCC No. M2022151), has unique and superior advantages in fermentation performance and biological function: faster activation, faster and higher organic acid production, high sporulation rate, higher activity of enzyme produced, strong anti-pathogenic ability, strong adhesion and colonization, strong anti-inflammation and immunity improvement, fast repairing intestinal damage, higher tolerance of acid, alkali, bile salt and heat, higher stability.
  • 2: Scientifically designed compound formula for aquatic animals, high cost efficiency
  • 3: Advanced fermentation technology and unique prebiotics added ensures best synergistic effects, high stability and long shelf life
  • 4: Faster and more visible effects, easy to use, flexible, and multi-functional with no side-effects

Product appearance:

  • AQUA COMBO is yellow brown powder, with unique fermentation sour smell


1: Shrimp :1g-2g/1KG of feed

2: Fish: 3.5g-5g/1KG of feed

* Use for every meal

* Dosage depends on the gut health state


  • 25 KG / bag

Shelf life: 

  • 12 months

Usage Note:

  • Do not use with antibiotics, disinfectants, oxidant, insecticide or other anti-bacterial chemicals , if used, should be 3-5 days gap before and after of using this product.

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