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Animal Waste Treatment Agent

Fast degradation, Immediate heat up, Thorough fermentation. (Heat-resistant spore bacteria, high stability lactobacillus, organic carriers.)
Product description:

Animal Waste Treatment Agent

Fast degradation, Immediate heat up, Thorough fermentation.


Heat-resistant spore bacteria, high stability lactobacillus, organic carriers.

Total living bacteria: ≥30 billion CFU

Moisture: ≤10%


Ferment animal waste and make bio-fertilizer.

Anaerobic fermentation and deodorization of manure storage sites in animal farms.

Make fermentation bed.


1. Fermentation materials quickly heat up to more than 60℃, effectively kill harmful bacteria, viruses, parasitic ova and weed seeds.

2. Decompose macromolecular nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in fermentation, and convert into small molecule available nutrients which are good for crop absorption. Produce a large variety of humus and microelement. Improve soil microbial activity, inhibit soil-borne diseases, increase crop yield and improve crop quality.

3. In process of fermentation, the content of ammonia and nitrogen in the waste and urine is degraded, the odor is obviously reduced and the environment is improved.

4. High temperature fermentation, can kill the harmful bacteria in fermentation bed preparation.


1. Waste fermentation: 1kg per 10-20 tons of solid waste, dilute with a small amount of wheat bran, rice bran or corn flour, and splash for use; Splash a small amount of diluted product each time after pile up the solid waste. Anaerobic fermentation for one month, and can be used as organic fertilizer directly.

2. Deodorization in animal farms: 1kg per 10 tons of waste, mix well before use.

3. Fermentation bed: 1kg per 10m³ of fermentation raw materials.


1kg/bag x 15bags/carton


1. Do not store with toxic substances, protect from pollution.

2. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, avoid sunlight. It should be used up in a short time after opening.


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